“When one sees that the seed they planted in a student bears fruit, that is the moment when you feel your mission on earth is fullfilled. When your rookie takes wings, you as a teacher truly become rooted. But there is a long and slow way to walk in order to reach this state of the sublime. Creating a magic symbiosis between the teacher and the student is a sine qua non condition to achieving success for this team.” Prof. dr. Roxana Ota

Roxana was born on the 1st of November 1980 in Botosani, a quiet town in northern Moldavia, that carries the blueprint of Romanian culture essentials. She started studying the piano when she was 5 when a Blüthner upright piano arrived in her home and became her confidante during her entire artistic development.

Her hard work-sustained talent began to be noticed in the national and international competitions that she attended during the 12 years spent in the “Stefan Luchian” music school in Botosani.

During 1999 and 2009 Roxana continued her music education at the “George Enescu” Arts University in Iasi. In 2004 she graduated the College of Instrumental Performance, specialisation Piano Major. In 2006 she got her Master degree and in 2009 she obtained her Ph. D. in Music (Summa cum Laude) with the thesis “Eusebiu and Florestan or Contemplation and Exaltation in piano music at the beginning of the XIXth century”.
The perfectioning of her pedagogical and artistic piano skills continues every year by attending masterclasses facilitated by pianists like Andreas Henkel, Horia Mihail, Pascal Salomon, Retto Reichenbach, Gabriel Amiras, Stefano Micelli and so on.
She’s been a piano teacher in the “Octav Bancila” Art Highschool in Iasi since 2004 and she has had remarkable results together with her students starting with her very first year of teaching.
She confesses that she has always wanted to be a piano teacher and now she is living her dream: “I adore my students… each of them, the ones that train for high performance and also those that chose this instrument just as a means of noble relaxation. When I’m working with them I feel I do fullfill my mission on this earth”.
Her immense love for pianistic art has brought her  and her students more than 100 national and international awards until now.

Every year she gives solo and chamber music recitals with a varied repertoire and an astonishing performance as well.
She adores her family, loves dogs, trips, cycling, nature in all its shapes and God.